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August 2016

Is your social life taking a dive or do you need more CPD points before the end of the triennium? Well don’t fret, GPpartners has the answer for you. Lots of educational events this month to increase your knowledge, chat with peers and enjoy some food.

The talks are all on current topics often information that you are not even reading in the medical press.  Dr Rebecca Ryan is talking about Hep C treatment and abnormal LFTs, Stafford Dermatology is giving us an update about new treatment for sun damaged skin and other dermatoses and Dr Frank Thomas is going to tell us how  to treat chronic pain with neuromodulation. There is also a use for neuromodulators in the treatment of faecal incontinence. Please register for these events online through the links below. 

GPpartners AGM is on the 19th of October so look out for the papers and financials hitting your inbox soon if you are a registered member of GPpartners.

Please email contact@gppartners.com.au with any suggestions or concerns. One astute GP picked up that we were having a presentation from a snake handler rather than a

Jayne Ingham
Chair, GPpartners