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May 2020

As with most organisations we have been hibernating from the world although we have been working on our soon to be piloted GPpreferral software program.

The platform is a way for GPs to share their peer vetted, localised referrals. GPpartners will be asking GPs to trial the program and add information from their referral bases to help inform other GPs of specialist services. We need enough useful information in it to make it useable so it is a bit chicken and egg. Of course with all software programs there will be teething problems but we can fix them with your feedback. If you are interested in being involved at this early stage, please email contact@gppartners.com.au

Alex Stallman is doing some research about “Mental Health Decision Making in Primary Care” and is looking for GPs to interview. Please see details in the May Bulletin. This is an opportunity to clarify what we do as GPs in the field of Mental Health in General Practice. Dr Johanna Lynch (GP with special interest in Mental Health) has done her PhD in analysing what mental health care occurs in General Practice. GPs are used to “making do” as often the services aren’t available for one reason or another for patients, we often underestimate what we do. Think of that diabetic patient who is depressed or struggling with finding housing never mind planning what to eat, how are they going to manage their diabetes until the other factors are sorted.

Fortunately the Covid 19 situation seems to be calming but General Practice is going to be at the frontline detecting the inevitable community transmission once the restrictions are relaxed. I have been disappointed with the lack of specific information for the medical fraternity. If we do have community transmission, I think GPs should have up to date advice about where the people positive for covid 19 are. This will help decisions about PPE and testing. If you have cases in your suburb it would be useful to know and structure General Practices accordingly. Of course we have to be flexible, be prepared and protect ourselves and practice staff.

GPpartners haven’t been doing any education events because of the restrictions. Our board meetings have been via zoom. It is much easier than having to go out and will be the way of the future for many gatherings. Once we are organised it may be the way for local education events.

Dr Jayne Ingham

Director, GPpartners