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Notes & Presentations

04.11.19 Renal disease: when to refer Dr Roshini D'Souza North Lakes Dialysis Clinic Invitation
23.05.19 Fractures, Acute Knee Injuries & Ankle Sprains Dr Michael McAuliffe & Dr Tyson Doneley Access Ortho, Indooroopilly Invitation
29.08.18 Knees & shoulders radiology: when to x-ray, ultrasound or MRI Dr Ben Ong & Dr Stan Ngai Metro Radiology, Ashgrove Invitation
06.08.18 Financial Health for GPs - Sale Ready Practice & Superannuation Bradley Dean & Michael Tobin DLA Partners, Aspley Invitation
16.07.18 Financial Health for GPs - Borrowing & Tax Implications Colin Taylor & David Buchanan DLA Partners, Aspley Invitation
18.04.18 How to diagnose and manage irritable Bowel Syndrome Dr Hadi Moattar North Lakes Day Hospital Invitation
07.03.18 Pulmonary Ed - DVTs, PE & daytime tiredness Dr Andreas Fiene & Dr James Doublas North Lakes Day Hospital Invitation
15.11.17 Why minor hand injuries/conditions can cause big problems Dr Cameron Mackay North Lakes Day Hospital Invitation
19.10.17 Hand and upper limb injuries in Gen Prac. Dr Paul McEinery Ekco Hand Therapy, Ann St, Brisbane Invitation
12.09.17 Pregnancy: Management of Bipolar Disorder & Antidepressants Dr Usha Shri Kissoon & Dr Thomas George Pine Rivers Private Hospital Invitation
03.08.17 Surgical & non-surgical options for skin cancers including practical surgical session Dr Ben Carew & Dr Matthew Peters North Lakes Day Hospital



26.07.17 3T MRI update & Cardiac Imaging Dr Ben Ong & Dr Stan Ngai Metro Radiology, Ashgrove



08.05.17 Ophthalmology Insight   North Lakes Day Hospital Invitation
02.05.17 GP Gynaecology Update   North West Private Hospital Invitation
10.04.17 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Santo Russo & Dr Rob Wishart Better Life Centre, Caboolture FASD Information Summary
14.03.17 Rashes - Dermatology Ed   South East Dermatology, Stafford Invitation
01.03.17 GP Vascular Update   North West Private Hospital Invitation
27.02.17 Practical tips for lower limb orthopaedic conditions   North Lakes Day Hospital Invitation
27.07.16 'Gut Health & Allergy' Dr Frances Connor Emporium,TheValley

Dr Frances Connor's presentation:

Allergy Microbiome Talk 270716

30.05.16 'More than just guts' Dr Hans Seltenreich North Lakes Day Hospital  
26.04.16 'The Truth About Back Pain' Dr Paul Cleary

Lakelands Medical Centre

Dr Paul Cleary presented to a group of GPs at North Lakes on the practical aspects of back pain with hands on examination of a physio student and practice nurse.  Read more... 26.04.16

MS Lumosacral Pain GP edition final.(4).pptx

MS Shortened Version of Accuracy of history, examination and investigations for low back pain and what is effective therapy.pptx

 21.03.16  'How To Treat the Snorters And Snorers'

 Dr David McIntosh

Dr David Timperley

North Lakes Day Hospital  Dr Daniel Timperley, who is an ENT specialist from the Sunshine Coast, has started consulting and operating at the North Lakes Day Hospital.  Danield talked to us about snorers and snorters.  We covered a lot of ground in 90 mins with questions afterwards so I will try and pull out the salient points.  Allergic Rhinitis. Intranasal steroids are effective but need to aim the tip of the... Read more... 21.03.16
 02.03.16  'What Test and When To Use It & Advanced Care Planning Update'

 Dr Chris Yu

Dr Jayne Ingham

Metro Radiology, Ashgrove  
 24.02.16  'Making sense of treatment pathways in type 2 diabetes'      
13/10/15 'Radiology: CT & Ultrasound Intervention' Dr Ben Ong Metro Radiology, Ashgrove  
23/09/15 'ADHD - Have We Been Getting It Wrong All These Years?' Dr David McIntosh    
09/09/15 'Delayed Milestone Causes?'

Dr Rob Wishart,
Dr Kerryn Bagley &
Mr Santo Russo

01/09/15 'Diabetes In A New Light' Prof John Prins    
29/07/15 'Medical Oncology' Dr Bhaskar Karki,
Dr Darshit Thaker & 
Dr Nick Musgrave
14/07/15 'Knee & Shoulder Pain' Dr Richard Brown & 
Dr Mark Young
27/05/15 'Oncology: Past Present & Future' Dr Bhaskar Karki & 
Dr Darshit Thaker
16/06/15 Sudden Death in Young People Dr Charles Naylor  

Genetics referral letter for relatives of young people who've died suddenly

Download word version


'ADHD - Have We Been Gettingn It Wrong All These Years?'

Dr David McIntosh    
24/03/15 'Diabetes - All the Questions You Were Afraid to Ask'      
11/03/15 'HRT & Anal Conditions' Dr Archana Saraswat &
Dr Daniel Mehanna


Mental Health Update

Dr Howard Granger


Don't Worry About It

05/02/15 'Blood in the Poo, What Do You Do?' Dr Sam Islam &
Dr Rebecca Ryan


Back & Hip Pain

Dr Neil Hearnden


Low Back Pain

Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome


Haemorrhoids – Getting to the Bottom of It All

Dr Daniel Mehanna


Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair (HALRAR)


Boning Up on Knees

Dr Guaguin Gamboa


Boning Up on Knees


Diagnosis and Management of Behaviour Issues in Children and Adolescents

Dr Prasanna Shirkhedkar


Management of ADHD in Primary Care Settings

Modifying Behaviour

Organising Homework

Pathological Demand Avoidance Disorder “Mad, Bad or Naughty” – Talk to GPs